• Aluminium composite panel
  • Aluminum solid panel
  • Aluminum honeycomb panel
  • Color coated aluminium coil
  • Sunshine borad

Introduction of Aluminium panel??

Hot-laminating is used to produce aluminum-plastic composite panels. With good planeness, the panels have a strong ability to be adapted to the ambient temperature and to resist bad weathers, erosion, fire, bending, and cutting. In addition, they are easy to process. With strong self-cleaning ability and long use life, they are widely used across China. On top of that, they are rated as Recommended Products by China Association for Engineering Construction Standardization.

To ensure the high quality of the products, the Company has been implementing system standardization and regularization through the whole process covering material purchasing, production and processing, and after-sale service. Multi-level quality control is conducted to ensure the stable and reassuring quality. In every annual product quality inspection, the products passed the first sampling test by National Research Center of Testing Techniques for Building Materials, and the indexes meet or exceed the national standards.

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